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Television watching has changed tremendously over the past few decades, It was not that long ago that cordless remotes did not exist! Can you imagine a world where the remote was connected to the tv? We are no longer tuning in to watch scheduled programming on one screen, instead we have the ability to watch almost anything throughout the house. Regardless of the size of your home or how big you want to go when it comes to implementing technology within your walls, your trusted smart home professional will work with you to create a streamlined solution for your multi-room video distribution.

Multi-Room Video Systems

Even in the simplest form, multi-room video systems are used to connect all of your television displays throughout the house to a single universal control system– no more trying to figure out which remote adjusts the volume. When you choose to install a multi-room system you can say goodbye to all of those unnecessary remotes. You will now be able to control every television in your home, even if they are on the other side of the house using a single controller that can be activated on a mounted control panel, tablet, smartphone, etc. If you already have smart home technology in your home like a security system, smart thermostat, or motorized shades, you can access those features on your universal remote.

Equipment Storage

One of the biggest concerns among clients is that there might be visible equipment in their homes– can you say eye sore? Fortunately, there are ways to hide all of your home automation gear. Using video over IP and an equipment rack are the ways to do just that. What is video IP? This means that all of your video sources like cable boxes, Apple TV or Roku boxes, BluRay players are stored and hidden in one spot like on an equipment rack in a closet or within an entertainment center and signals from all of these can be sent to every tv in your home through a wired connection.

Making the Pause Button a Thing of the Past

Multi-room video systems allow you to move from room to room without missing a single minute of whatever you may be watching. So when the kids want a snack but you know if you pause it, everyone will get up and go wild, simply stream your movie to the kitchen. Everyone wins, but especially you. No more missing out on the best scenes because let’s face it, that is when someone always needs something. Many of our clients are huge sports fans so they are excited to learn that they can play the same Reds game on multiple televisions throughout their house or even watch different games at the same time on different TVs. And while you’re making the pause button a thing of the past, you can say goodbye to cable for good. Streaming is more cost efficient than cable.

Getting the Most Out of Your Devices

By incorporating multi-room video and audio systems in your smart home allows you to do so much while creating a fun vibe in your home. As holidays come and go, you will be one step ahead of the rest as you now have the ability to create scenes and set the mood for all of your events. Your universal controller gives you the ability to set the scene for all of life’s moments. Hosting Thanksgiving? Turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on every tv until it is time for football. Not only can you set the mood with what is on your screens but you can also play fitting tunes on your sound systems. Want more? Set your lights and blinds on a setting so that they fit the mood of all of your parties. Your house is sure to be the go-to!

When you integrate multi-room video systems into your home it can feel overwhelming at first. But you don’t have to do the work alone. Contact our team of professionals today so that we can make the process of creating a dreamy smart home system simple and easy.

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