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What better way to enjoy the great indoors than in your home theater system? You might be thinking that you can’t afford one of those lavish as-seen-on-tv, dream home theaters and that’s okay. Our guide will help you create the perfect home theater system without breaking the bank. Home theater systems used to be something that only the wealthy could afford. Today, average Americans are able to enjoy such luxury thanks to many cost efficient options available on the market. We are going to talk about why a home theater system is for you, what you will need to get started, and how to set your system up. First know that you would be better off calling in a professional technology integrator to help you, like AVTech.

How Can Your Family Benefit From a Home Theater System?

  • A Space for Everyone to Gather and Spend Time Together – Technology has taken over. Everyone is either scouring through social media sites on their cell phones, watching videos on their iPads, doing online shopping on their computers, or gaming on one of the numerous game systems. Happiness comes in the form of entertaining ourselves on our smart devices. Kind of lonely, don’t you think? Home theater systems are great for uniting families. Take a vote, pick a movie. Pop the corn and snuggle up on your couch. A home theater system is sure to thrill– smart device who?
  • Increase the Value of Your Home – When you add smart technology to your home, you make it more appealing to buyers in a world where technology is incredibly powerful. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, you can bet that a home with smart technology and a home theater will attract more buyers as it will set your home above the rest.
  • Entertain Family and Friends – Being able to entertain your friends and family just makes life more fun. Having company over to watch the big game or a good movie on an oversized screen is exciting for everyone. Your house will be the go-to place for all the big games. Home theater spaces provide entertainment for all guests.
  • Movie Theater Experience in the Comfort of Your Home – While venturing out to your local theater can be fun, nothing quite compares to having that same experience, with high quality sound and large screens, in your home. No more trying to keep the kids quiet when they get restless. No more spending double on snacks. Need to go to the bathroom? Just hit pause so you won’t have to miss out. You will also have the ability to rewind and re-watch your favorite scenes. Home theaters are the best way to watch your favorite movies and shows or sports games with your favorite people.

What Will You Need to Create a Home Theater?

If you have started choosing which components you want in your home theater, you probably know just how many options are available to you. The possibilities are endless which can seem overwhelming when attempting it alone. Here are a few basic products that are a must in your home theater system.

HD TV or Projector Screen?

The first choice you will have to make is also the most important. If your theater will be in a living or family room or a smaller spare room, you might prefer a TV. To get the best experience, we suggest purchasing a television that is at least 65” and that has a 4K or better resolution. Sony has high quality TVs that were designed with the home theater in mind. Top Hollywood producers are known to use Sony Technology to make some of your favorite movies.

If you have a larger space to create a movie theater-like room, we think you will be most pleased by investing in a projector and projector screen. Screen Innovations is a reputable company as they offer a user-friendly website and a variety of quality options at budget-friendly prices. Consider whether or not you want a motorized screen that descends at the push of a button. No matter what you choose, be willing to invest in something that has exceptional picture quality. Trust us, it is worth it.

Sound Options

Surround sound is what makes a home theater, a home theater. It comes in a few options. These include…

  • 5.1 – 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • 7.1 – 7 speakers (3 in the front, 4 in the ceiling) plus 1 subwoofer. This creates actual theater sound.
  • 9.2 – 9 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

There are numerous speaker options that you can select. One brand we like is Klipsch. They come with a lifetime warranty and hold the title as one of first and longest American run technology companies in the United States. These speakers are known to have exceptional sound and quality.

Audio Video Recorder

After you have selected the major components, like the screen and sound system, you will need to purchase the product that will make your theater more functional. By this we mean the Audio Video Recorder or AVR. The AVR is responsible for allowing sound that is coming through the speakers to coordinate with what is playing on your screen. Sony is known for quality Audio Video Recorders if you are unsure of which brand is reliable.

Getting that Theater Feel

Seating and shading are two components that really help create a theater feel. When choosing seating, ask yourself how you intend to set up the space– rows? Like a living room? Do you want deep couches? Recliners? Both to accommodate everyone? It is totally up to you based on yourself and your family.

Shading is important as the whole theater space can be ruined without it. Getting everything set up, sitting down to enjoy your movie, and there is a glare from the lights outsider– what is worse? Many customers add motorized window treatments to their home theater. Smart technology allows you to connect your shades to your Alexa. “Hey Alexa, we’ve got the popcorn– your turn!” And then your whole room transforms– lights dim, shades close, and the movie comes on. Sounds dreamy, huh?

Setting Up Your Theater

With more people staying at home, home theaters continue to grow in popularity. If you have made it this far, it is definitely on your mind. Need some tips to get started? Here are a few things you should know.

Creating Space

Deciding where you will put your home theater is the first step. Don’t have a huge house with a room that can be transitioned into a theater? No worries. There are plenty of ways that you can create the perfect space even if you do not have a dedicated theater room. Majority of our clients have found other spaces to create their home theater, like: a spare bedroom, loft or bonus room, living or great room, or your formal dining room. Anywhere you have empty space.

Visualizing Your Space

This is the fun part: choosing the design elements and furniture for the space. When you visualize your theater, what do you see? Are you enjoying the space alone or with your family? Are thinking warm and cozy with dark walls and coordinating textiles? Or light and airy with lighter colors on the walls?

Your response to these questions makes all the difference when we work with you to make your expectations a reality. From here we are able to decide if we need to order custom, light-blocking window treatments and determine whether or not if we are going full on movie theater or simply a space for loved ones to gather. If you want the full theater look, we think you should consider adding ambient lighting to truly achieve that look and feel.

Storing Audio/Video Equipment

How you store your AV equipment will have a dramatic impact on the room as a whole. Trying to keep everything in an old entertainment center simply won’t do. To create a clean look that is also functional, you should invest in an AV rack or piece of furniture that was designed to hold AV equipment. Placement of this piece is key as it will help hide wires and buttons making the room aesthetically pleasing.

Structured Wiring > WiFi in the Theater

We live in a wireless world. However, you do not want to chance that the big game or your favorite movie won’t load. Structured wiring is the best option in a theater room. No more worrying about other people making anything you stream lag. Run your video and data through cabling to your AV equipment storage.

Reach Out to a Professional

We broke it all down for you from start to finish so you are probably thinking “I got this.” But if you begin researching and feel overwhelmed, just know we got this and we would love to help you bring your at home movie theater dreams to life.

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