Many times fireplaces are in a very central spot in a room where you would like to watch television. The brick or stone on your fireplace provides the perfect area to hang a television.  

Steps to Hanging a Television on a Brick or Stone Fireplace…

  1. Find out how the mantle is attached to the fireplace.
  2. Figure out the best way to hide the wires and keep them out of site. Usually behind the wall/fireplace.
  3. Put the mount arms on the television.
  4. Use the mount on the fireplace to pick where to predrill your holes.
  5. Finish fishing your wires.
  6. Add back the mantle.
  7. Tighten mount to the fireplace using the predilled holes.
  8. Setup equipment and test it with the wires you just fished to make sure the equipment works.
  9. Hang the television on the mount.
  10. Enjoy!

It’s always easiest to call a profession installer to hang the television the right way the FIRST time. Save yourself a headache and call a pro!

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