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Technology continues to advance daily– in our lifetimes, we have seen just how technology has come. It is mind blowing. Despite the many changes, remote controllers are still used in homes worldwide, including smart homes. New technology tends to minimize our perception of “old” technology like your standard television remote. Those with smart homes have the ability to control nearly everything in their house using touch screen tablets, keypads, and their voices. Many begin to believe that their usual remote is now useless– but that is not true. There are several reasons you should not let that remote go both for your television and to function features in your smart home.

Your Whole House in the Palm of Your Hands

Handheld remotes made TV watching more enjoyable decades ago. Most people agree that there is nothing quite like being able to relax in your comfy chair in front of your television for a little while and leave the day’s stress behind you. With convenience in mind, what better way to control your home than with a remote. Imagine being able to control not only your television with your remote but also your lights, drapes, thermostat, and any other smart device in your home while relaxing in your favorite spot. No more obnoxiously clapping at your lights or yelling at Alexa to get the job done. Having a remote in your hand helps you feel confident that you are able to get the commands through and in turn will have the desired response.

Small Investment, High Function

Smart home remotes are capable of doing many more things than your traditional remote. These remotes can control all the devices in your smart home if they are programmed to do so. Using one remote, you can control interior and exterior speakers– choosing different music and volumes in each setting, adjust your thermostat, change your lighting, close your blinds, and more. Majority of modern remotes have LCD screens that give you the feel of holding a small version of a portable smart home control screen. And the best part? No matter how many functions the remote offers, it remains a budget-friendly control option for your smart home.

Multi-Generation Approved

Senior’s can be overwhelmed by some of the new, advanced technology options available to today. Families with young children are fearful that they may not be careful when devices like high-end, wall mounted touch screens are within their reach. For these reasons and more, remote controls are undoubtedly the best (and safest) option for most families. Remotes are more durable and in the event that something does happen, they are cheaper to repair or replace. Many people, including millennials and older generations, are comfortable using modern remotes as they feel more familiar. It is likely that guests will also feel more comfortable making themselves at home using a remote versus a wall-mounted touch screen that they are not familiar with.

Eliminate The Clutter

The reason that the majority of homeowners opt to get a smart remote is because they can control nearly anything in the home. This means they won’t have as much laying around. You won’t need a remote to control your television, one for the cable box, an additional one for the sound systems, another for the fan and lights, etc. Keeping up with which is which can be frustrating– heck, keeping up with them in general is a task. Fortunately, modern remotes can do everything and you won’t have to make sure nothing is in your way as they operate using signals that travel freely about your house similar to WiFi and Bluetooth.

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